Color Choices

Black Collection

Matte Black

Our black dyeing is particular about the concentration of black, and the dyeing process is dyed to a blacker black. The leather does not contain oil and has a smooth texture. , By polishing with a soft cloth called buffing with exquisite strength, it has a unique texture, and the gloss is suppressed, giving it an elegant and calm finish. The material is easy to use for products. In addition, the more you use it, the more lustrous and deep the leather becomes, and you can enjoy aging.

Shining Black

By applying an original glossing agent containing casein and protein to the surface of the leather dyed black and performing a fixation process with a cross-linking agent and water, we create leather that emits a soft, multifaceted luster. The leather is dried in a humidity and temperature controlled environment and carefully polished with agate stones to give it a jewel-like transparent luster, giving it a luxurious and dressy finish. The glazing process that can only be done with crocodile leather creates a more luxurious atmosphere.

Nubuck Black

After drying the crocodile leather dyed black, the surface of the leather called Ginmen is sanded with sandpaper and brushed. By dyeing it black again, it penetrates to the core and completes the black nubuck processing with a higher density. Oil is added to the leather, giving it a soft and smooth texture. The bristles are short, and the fine and delicate expression accentuates the sense of luxury. In addition, the finish is water-repellent, making it resistant to fading and discoloration, making it a material that can be used for a variety of products.

Millennium Black

Apply multiple coats of luster containing casein and urethane to crocodile leather dyed black, and apply high pressure to the leather fixed by a cross-linking agent with a heat of 80-90 degrees with a hydraulic machine. It expresses a unique luster and excellent flexibility. The millennium processing uses the softness of the mat and the glossy feel of the glazing, and is processed to convey the ease of making the product and the luxury of crocodile leather.

Dyed Black

The crocodile leather, which has been tanned for a matte finish and softened with oil, is soaked in a bath containing water and ink for dyeing. The characteristic of this leather is that the natural dye gives it a unique vintage and wild feel.The temperature of the bath is thoroughly controlled and hand-dyed. In addition, it is said that the color of ink is easy to fade, but our ink dyeing is firmly colored, so you can use it while enjoying aging.

Bridle Black

Wax is applied to the surface of crocodile leather that has been dyed black, and it looks like a white powder called bloom, so it is also called waxed leather. This wax changes its luster by rubbing it, and when it is used for a long time, it permeates and the whiteness disappears. It is a process created to enjoy the aging of aging, and since the luster expression varies depending on the intensity of friction and time, the original expression can be created depending on how it is used.


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